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Hi there! So glad you are here. I am currently offering both In-Person Sessions as well as my renown Hill Country Combo In-person + Virtual Sessions.
Both utilize the 'Regenerator' an ancient tool used throughout history called the teishin, for the most gentle and effective Insertion-Free ('Needle-Free!') Acupuncture healing sessions available.
In-person I also offer Light Therapy, Herbal Prescriptions, Moxibustion, CranioSacral Therapy and Gemstone placement . Virtual Sessions include my signature Sacred Self-Acupuncture Sessions, plus  archetypal analysis as well as Face and Tongue Readings. 

Expert Mind-Body-Soul Medicine meets Taoist Philosophy in my practice. I have curated and combined the latest science & research + Traditional East Asian Medicine, to expertly guide you into whole-being health. 


Needle-Free Acupuncture? YES.
The most revered lineage of traditional Acupuncture uses the 'Regenerator' a teishin,
the first tool for healing - without the poke.
Say Good-bye to stress and Hello to your LIFE.

I use the revered teishin for Needle-Free Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, CranioSacral Therapy, Alchemical Healing, Moxibustion, Light Therapy, Stone Medicine and Flower Essences to gain you clarity and ease from pain, stress, anxiety and more.

HEre's how we can help:



These are rooted in disconnection from our Self, often caused from unprocessed traumas. You won't re-live or process with me, simply open and allow these traumas out so you can move forward with your life with freedom.


When we continuously repress our emotions, we generate dis-ease and resistance within. This Stagnation blocks you and keeps you feeling small, sick and scared. 


We know the gut has millions more neurotransmitters than the brain. Our decisions and thoughts arise from these neurons. You must heal your gut to clear your head and heart. 


Acupuncture has 2 distinct lineages:
Insertion needling and
Non-Insertion needling.

The more well-known filiform needles that are inserted into the skin are what we commonly think of as 'Acupuncture'.
But there is another type, one that is more gentle, feminine and effective: non-insertion 'Needling' where the 'needle' touches the surface of the skin. This second lineage uses the 'Teishin' to access the channels and subtle body.

The Teishin is what I use. I hand-craft these tools out of precious metals and gemstones!
 It's one of the Original Needles of Chinese Medicine and is still widely used in many parts of the world.
It's gaining rapidly in popularity.
This gentle approach is perfect if you want to try Acupuncture for the first time, if you've tried it before and are interested in a new (but more ancient and effective!) approach or if you dislike needles! That's definitely me;)
This is also why the Teishin is great for sensitive skin, our fabulous elders, and kids.



Finally feel relief from chronic stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, & indigestion.

Finally feel like you can go out for dinner and order whatever you'd like from the menu.

Finally feel clear-headed and without the constant brain fog, plus clarity about your purpose an gifts.

Finally feel connected and in-love with YOU.

Virtual Sessions

Now Offering: The Hill Country Combo!

Done with your very own Regenerator teishin!
This practice is a Live, Guided step-by-step Process to unearth and transform your Grief, Stagnation, Deepest Fears, and prevent further Burnout as we utilize the world's oldest and most efficacious modalities of Taoist medicine - including the Teishin - your very own heirloom magic wand. You will emerge a more conscious leader & aligned self-healer. You awaken those aspects of yourself you may keep hidden - those are your superpowers.

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"Lacey changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my heart and head if not for her."

When we get out of our mind, and into our body, we heal.
Your body knows how to heal...and WANTS to heal, even though some days you are not so sure. Come in to experience first hand what it feels like to be heart, held and healed.

"Think Lacey's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man, and my capacity for becoming more aware expanded in my sessions with her, more than they had in YEARS of talk therapy." 


made 'friends' with his anger

"Lacey teaches you how to get out of your head, away from asking 'WHY'? and into your body, to process and mend your emotions."


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) derives from osteopathy.

Here is where I gently assess and correct issues originating from the neck, the spine, and the lower bones of the body: the pelvis and sacrum.

The Craniosacral system is composed of the cranium bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, the brain, the central nervous system, the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column, and the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Using the traditional and proven technique of CST I can help alleviate stress patterns contributing to chronic pain, such as musculoskeletal imbalance, trigger points, myofascial dysfunction, chronic fatigue, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties.


Herbal Medicine

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It's never too late



your heart

or reignite your




Now offering:
Photo BioModulation and the Celluma - the only FDA-Approved Light Therapy device on the market.

The lamps I use are created with a specific electromagnetic spectrum: far infrared as well as light emitting diode (LED) therapy. Light therapy, also known as phototherapy or low-level light therapy, is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions including skin, pain and hair restoration.

The TDP lamps I use have certain crushed minerals that coat the infrared lamp. The light + heat penetrate your skin, reducing inflammation, re-charging cells & helping tissue heal.

Phototherapy, or LED red light therapy, has been widely researched and is supported by thousands of peer-reviewed and published clinical research papers from prestigious institutions around the world.

Light therapy treatments are non-invasive, painless, require no recovery time, and can be used safely on all skin types. Modern research, now backed by Quantum Theory, is indicating the superior efficacy of Light Therapy beyond the common use of Facial Rejuvenation: skin conditions, bone mass as well as hair loss reversal, acne, pain relief, wound healing and fat loss. These technologies have been proved and effective and are all FDA approved (an arduous process) !

PhotoMedicine Roots:
We first worshiped and used the Sun. Egypt theology and ancient medical texts first wrote about using the sun as healing. Light therapy is human therapy.

Stone Medicine

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Expanded Offerings

Jade Seed Wellness also offers Holistic Facials and Massage Therapy.

Meet the team!

Lori Satter

Beautiful You HolisTICS

Book with our newest practitioners!

Ren Gutiérrez 

Hayley Gibson 

Licensed Esthetician
Specializes in non-invasive, holistic skin therapy treatments

Licensed Massage Therapist
Reiki Practitioner &
Folkloric Healer 

Certified Aroma Freedom &
Somatic Practitioner

Rio Goddess Botanica

Hayley Essentials

Why the Regenerator teishin is the most Superior tool for healing.

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but first

We get to know you inside and out.
During your initial consultation, your practitioner will go over your health history in depth. We encourage you to share any labs or any blood work that may be relevant during your initial consultation.
Book your Initial Session - it's a 20 min in-person visit where I diagnose you and we discuss your Care Plan and you can sign up and stay for your First Session Treatment!

Your First Visit

Each patient’s unique pattern of symptoms requires an individual solution.

We create a customized treatment for you, using a range of Chinese medicinal therapies. Acupuncture and other modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, Moxibustion, Light Therapy and Stone Medicine placement may be used. Herbs may also be paired with acupuncture to enhance your treatment.

You will leave your first visit with a clear plan on how I can help.
We create your treatment plan to maximize both effectiveness and time. After your first treatment, you will have a clear idea of how we can work together to reach your goals.