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Acupuncture has 2 distinct lineages:
Insertion needling and
Non-Insertion needling.

I found that this second lineage, the older and superior lineage, is the one I will work with to serve you best. How is it done? With a 'teishin'. A small, silver instrument that is the 'first needle'. This is how Acupuncture was meant to be practiced.  As a silversmith, I hand-craft these tools myself.

the teishin

The common, well-known filiform needles that are inserted into the skin are what we have come to think of as 'Acupuncture'.

But there is another type, one that is more gentle, feminine and effective: non-insertion 'Needling' where the 'needle' touches the surface of the skin. This second lineage uses the 'Teishin' to access the channels and subtle body.

Teishins are gentle and effective tools for 'Needle-Free' non-insertion Acupuncture.

Def: A Teishin is a small, therapeutic instrument used to stimulate, on the skin's surface, acupuncture points; they do not penetrate the skin.
These tools can be safely used by you to gain relief from pain,
anxiety and promote healing and wellness.
Use of the Teishin is a very subtle form of Acupuncture.
Rather than penetration, we access the Qi from the skin's surface
guided by our connection to Qi and our breath. 

This is a very feminine way of practicing the Art of Self-Acupuncture and
the Teishin is a feminine-balanced tool.

My designs are based on the oldest Acupuncture Needles, this is where the word 'teishin' comes from.
The Teishin is one of the 'Nine Needles' described in the Huangdi Neijing Ling Shu.

I've handmade these heirloom quality tools using particular dimensions associated with the number '3' and sacred geometry. Each needle has hand-marked tiny grooves where I've spun the needle to imbue it with Qi and create a unique texture and handmade appearance in deference to Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese concept of appreciation for the art of imperfection.

The Regenerator teishin is what I use. I hand-craft these tools out of precious metals
and set each with a gemstone of intention.
The teishin is one of the Original Needles of Chinese Medicine and is still widely used in many parts of the world.
It's rapidly gaining in popularity.

This gentle approach is perfect if you want
-to try Acupuncture for the first time
-if you've tried it before and are interested in a new (but more ancient and effective) approach or
-you dislike needles! That's definitely me;)

This is also why the Teishin is great for sensitive skin, our fabulous elders, and kids.

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Alchemical healing offers you a way to listen and be in connection with your being and aware of the power of your heart's resonance within and outwardly. Here we work beyond Mind+Body Medicine to address the Subtle Body and it's emotional pain, psychic imbalances and unresolved longings that are often unresponsive to conventional methodologies or common techniques of treatment.

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