Jade Seed Community's:

Tea Tasting

FREE - But RSVP required
Saturday, May 27th
3 sittings: noon, 1pm, 2pm

We'll meet inside The Dream Room - located within the beautiful Jade Seed Wellness Center @
300 South CM Allen Pkwy, Ste 300-A
SMTX, 78666

Some of you may know Robert and I are tea fanatics and we will be sharing high quality tea from growers who grow the finest tea. Much of the best tea never leaves the countries it’s grown in (Japan, China, Taiwan) and we mostly see the cut tea that is bagged in the US (bagged tea). The ceremonial-grade tea we'll be sharing is rich in the polyphenols that are known to ward off chronic disease.

"The health benefits ascribed to the consumption of teas may be related to the high content of bioactive ingredients such as polyphenols. Polyphenols have been reported to possess antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activities; modulate detoxification enzymes; stimulate immune function and decrease platelet aggregation."
NIH article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK92768/

These sittings are complimentary, but booking is required.

Each sitting is about 30-45min and can accommodate 6 people.
If you want to inquire about larger or private group sittings, just holler! (lacey@laceydupre.com)
3 fun and informal sittings - choose your own adventure, lol😅
  • noon
  • 1pm
  • 2pm
Robert (my partner) will be pouring tea and showing you how to easily steep and pour this rich tasting, loose, full-leaf tea -
a gift from the mountains”.

Looking forward to sharing this all with you!



Infrared Sauna PRE-SALE! Now is your chance to be a part of building wellness within community

So, why do your absolutely NEED sauna in your life?

Well, sweat carries cortisol (the stress hormone) and when stress builds up in the body, we need to get it out either via the tears, by crying, or via the pores, by sweating.
When we have a build-up of cortisol, not only do we feel terrible, yell at our loved ones, and find it impossible to lose weight, but we also have a greater likelihood of Adrenal Insufficiency and/or Exhaustion. 

The way out of Adrenal Exhaustion is being in parasympathetic dominance. 

* Infrared sauna therapy creates an atmosphere where the body can find relaxation, therefore allowing the adrenal glands to take the bench and no longer produce necessary hormones involved in stress response.

* In addition, infrared sauna therapy is a powerful detoxification protocol and allows individuals to free the body from internal stress by ridding it of harmful pollutants.

* Further, the mitochondrial response to infrared wavelengths heightens energy conversion in the body and redirects the blood flow to the digestive tract, cellular regeneration and improved circulation.

get your pre-sale tickets now!

Jade Seed Community's:


$12 - Third  Wednesday
of Every Other Month
@7pm in San Marcos, TX.


We are gathering together so we can co-create a community of women interested in the arts, in business, and in healing. These three are inseparable and women know that best.

This event will be led by Dr. Lacey Dupré or rotating volunteers who love to lead in community.

6x/year gathering with tea, candles, mindfulness practices & safe space sharing.

Fees go towards or tea + giving to HCWC Hays-Caldwell Women's Center.

We'll meet inside The Dream Room - located within the beautiful Jade Seed Wellness Center @
300 South CM Allen Pkwy
SMTX, 78666

Join the Jade Seed Community List and receive updates and information on our gatherings.

You'll have a chance to share, gain insight into your current situation or block, and reframe any limiting beliefs - as well as have fun, meet local women and
just be you.

Tentative Schedule:
2023 - 
May 17
July 19
Sept 20 
Nov 13 

Jade Seed

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See you Soon!


Collective Resonance Science meets Alchemical Healing

When we gather to heal, we heal.

We live in a time of discovery as scientists explore heart-to-heart connections verbally, non-verbally and energetically. The 'Mind-Body Connection' is well-known and is lacking two critical components: Spirit and Connection.

 help you Reset and Reawaken to the aspects of you forgotten, hidden, or pushed away. Chronic Stress, Trauma, PTST, Digestive Issues and Emotional Repression all contribute to a severing of ourselves from our inner being. Your body wants to heal and knows how. You simply need to sweep the muck that has accumulated upon your light, see past the fog, and enter The Dream Room. 

More to come...

When you heal, we all heal.

Jade Seed Community

Founded by Dr. lacey Dupré,
of Jade Seed Wellness.

 Scroll down to learn more about
personal medicine with Lacey - 
Voted Best Acupuncturist
in Hayes County! 

Lacey specializes in treating with the teishin, a tool used for 'Insertion-Free Acupuncture'.  She treats chronic pain/illness, stress management, fertility & pregnancy support, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure regulation, migraines, insomnia, anxiety/depression, and grief.
My latest passion: Calling in this community! 
I cannot wait to meet you.

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Simple and potent mini-ritual to do with any quartz you have, or may find, (it's everywhere, keep an eye out!) to begin working with Stone Medicine at home.

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Needle-Free Acupuncture

Acupuncture has 2 distinct lineages:
Insertion needling and
Non-Insertion needling.


The common, filiform needles that are inserted into the skin are what we think of as 'Acupuncture'.

But there is another type, one that is more gentle, feminine and effective: non-insertion 'Needling' where the 'needle' touches the surface of the skin. This second lineage uses the 'teishin' to access the channels and subtle body.

In Japan, this method of treatment has been well established since the 17th century.

Success Stories


“Honestly, Lacey's sessions changed my perspective forever and enriched my whole dang life.”

- sophie


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Be in the know when Dr. Lacey Dupré is hosting an event.
We generally sell out well in in advance and recommend booking early to hold a spot. 


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The Jade Seed Community

pop-up group healing events

Founded by Dr. Lacey Dupré, SMTX local Needle-Free Acupuncturist to provide access to group healing while building community.

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