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Virtually, & In-Person.

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Let's get you taken          virtually & in-person. 

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Here we make it happen. If you live further than you care to drive every week, you can enroll in the renowned Combo Sessions (Virtual and In-Person!) Your intake is done online, I craft a Constitutional, gemstone-set teishin for you, and I ship it to you. We practice together. This popular modality is empowering and wildly efficacious.

how it works


Sign up for your initial 10 sessions.
Your complete intake - including a photo of your face for the Facial Symmetry Assessment as well as a photo of your tongue - is done virtually via Zoom.

Then: I make a teishin for You! I set it with a gemstone of intention chosen according to your Constitution and unique issues.

When you receive your teishin, we begin our series of 8 Virtual Sessions.

once a month in-person

Two of your ten sessions will be in-person. You can choose to use these whenever you'd like within your time.
Lacey recommends coming in once a month or every 3-4 virtual sessions.
These provide you with hands on healing and are a profound addition to the progress you'll be making in your Virtual Sessions.
San Marcos is between Austin and San Antonio and less than an hour drive from either!

8 virtual sessions

These sessions are private, 1:1 Sessions geared towards the issues you came in with, as well as those that come up as we progress. It's akin to peeling the layers of an onion away, you will notice things drop away, and some float to the surface as we awaken the inner YOU.
Various modalities are used but primarily you will be learning to use the Regenerator teishin on yourself!

Through the integration of these various systems, I have crafted an approach to healing that addresses the multifaceted psychosomatic, psychospiritual, and complex emotional issues that we all face at this time of crisis on our planet.

From the comfort of your home, you can experience this efficacious and powerful healing modality while still receiving monthly in-person care.

Comprehensive Intake

We'll begin with an inside-out discovery dive of you + a Facial Symmetry Assessment, Tongue Diagnosis, and full in-depth Consult to get to the root of your issues.
All done online.

Let's Do this!

Virtual Sessions

Potent and powerful, Shadow-Integrating, vibrational, truth-seeking sessions of 
re-patterning to gain Self-Trust.
8 Live Sessions -2 Full Months of 1:1 support!

Book mE.

In-Person Care

Once a month you come in for hands-on care. I take your pulse, assess your progress and you receive a full session with me complete with all that is necessary to fill your cup: Needle-Free Acupuncture, moxibustion, Celluma Light Therapy, Infrared Therapy, Stone Medicine, CranioSacral therapy, and Herbal Formula recommendation.

I am ready.



"I feel like my body is healing on such a deep level that it’s also healing my mind and spirit."

This has been the most amazing experience. I’ve gone to her a few times now and I feel like I’m making such progress in my body and healing deep emotional things that were stuck in my body. 12/10 I went in and was experiencing immense nausea for over 10hrs. Nothing seemed to alleviate it and within an hour she was able to dissolve it and an hour after that my appetite finally back! I feel like my body is healing on such a deep level that it’s also healing my mind and spirit. I highly recommend to anyone looking for psychosomatic healing, or well any kind of healing!

vanessa farrow

"Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more."

I started going to Lacey several months ago to help process grief. Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more. Now, I look forward to our weekly sessions and she works through whatever she notices is going on in my body. She picks up on things I don’t even realize are effecting me, and we work through those things. She also puts these “ear seeds” on acupuncture points on my ears that look like really cool piercing and help with different things I need help with at the time. Lately, we have been putting them on to help with sleep and energy. I have been experiencing the deepest sleep and even if I am not sleeping for a long time, I still feel energized afterward! I definitely 10/10 recommend Lacey to anyone who might be curious about acupuncture or needs to work out some emotional - or even physical - issues in their life. Lots of love.

Your Body wants to heal.

Jenna Brooke Clark

"If you’re looking for acupuncture in the hill country, Lacey is your woman."

Lacey is such a joy to work with. She is highly intuitive and I always leave our sessions with new aha moments and clearer energy. I’m highly uncomfortable with needles so finding a needless acupuncturist in my town was exactly what I needed. She is attentive and present and we always have the best conversations. If you’re looking for acupuncture in the hill country, Lacey is your woman.


Simple and potent mini-ritual to do with any quartz you have, or may find, (it's everywhere, keep an eye out!) to begin working with Stone Medicine at home.

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