Let's start with your whole being, well-being 

transformative healing from the inside out:

Let's start with your whole being, well-being 


Here we look at you as an individual. No two conditions are alike: that’s why we tailor each of our treatments to get to the root of your issues offering long lasting relief, immunity, sleep, energy, and capacity to recovery when adversity does come.

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our methodology:

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

Alchemical Healing is where we begin to perceive the beauty and meaning of the whole. This opens up new potentials and possibilities to our challenging conditions and symptoms. 
Inner alchemy considers health and well-being as a living inner process that requires regular ongoing engagement, rather than a fixed set of externally imposed rules to follow. 

Your Microbiome

Your inner ecosystem of microbial partners supports digestion, calms reactive, inflammatory and allergic tendencies of our immune system, fights infections and balances our moods.  The gut-brain axis is imperative to treat, as often our chronic, 'unexplained/weird', psychosomatic and auto-immune symptoms are rooted in the flora of our digestive tract. This is our center, our inner Earth, or inner Mother, where we can re-learn to rest and nurture ourselves.


You are not bound by your DNA or your genetics. We will examine your lifestyle factors affecting your health; environmental toxins, infections and traumatic memories can literally lock your body’s systems into states of imbalance and chronic disease.
You were born with, but not bound by your DNA, and your body holds onto trauma, but can release it. Through a whole being approach, we can transform and heal.

Inner Alchemy

Your stressors, past traumas - both major and micro traumas - as well as your mindset and emotions impact the functioning of your brain, immune cells and hormones. I seek to treat not only the physical symptoms, but also emotional, psychological and psychosomatic as well. One way we do this in session is allowing space to talk and express your emotions as well as inquire into your dreams.

Through the integration of these various systems, we craft an approach to healing that addresses the multifaceted psychosomatic, psychospiritual, and complex emotional issues that we face in our modern world.

Your Intake

We get to know you inside and out.
During your initial consultation, your practitioner will go over your health history in depth. We encourage you to share any labs or any blood work that may be relevant during your initial consultation.
We understand that each patient has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individual response.

Your Treatment

We create a customized treatment for you, using a range of Eastern, Western, & Ayurvedic medicinal therapies. 
We take the approach that the body, mind and spirit are not separate and we treat our patients accordingly.

Your Plan

You will leave your first visit with a clear plan on how we can help.
We create your treatment plan to maximize both effectiveness and time. After your first treatment, you will have a clear idea of how we can work together to reach your goals.
As we work to relieve your symptoms, we also address the root causes of disease and disharmony.



"I feel like my body is healing on such a deep level that it’s also healing my mind and spirit."

This has been the most amazing experience. I’ve gone to her a few times now and I feel like I’m making such progress in my body and healing deep emotional things that were stuck in my body. 12/10 I went in and was experiencing immense nausea for over 10hrs. Nothing seemed to alleviate it and within an hour she was able to dissolve it and an hour after that my appetite finally back! I feel like my body is healing on such a deep level that it’s also healing my mind and spirit. I highly recommend to anyone looking for psychosomatic healing, or well any kind of healing!

vanessa farrow

"Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more."

I started going to Lacey several months ago to help process grief. Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more. Now, I look forward to our weekly sessions and she works through whatever she notices is going on in my body. She picks up on things I don’t even realize are effecting me, and we work through those things. She also puts these “ear seeds” on acupuncture points on my ears that look like really cool piercing and help with different things I need help with at the time. Lately, we have been putting them on to help with sleep and energy. I have been experiencing the deepest sleep and even if I am not sleeping for a long time, I still feel energized afterward! I definitely 10/10 recommend Lacey to anyone who might be curious about acupuncture or needs to work out some emotional - or even physical - issues in their life. Lots of love.

Your Body wants to heal.

Jenna Brooke Clark

"If you’re looking for acupuncture in the hill country, Lacey is your woman."

Lacey is such a joy to work with. She is highly intuitive and I always leave our sessions with new aha moments and clearer energy. I’m highly uncomfortable with needles so finding a needless acupuncturist in my town was exactly what I needed. She is attentive and present and we always have the best conversations. If you’re looking for acupuncture in the hill country, Lacey is your woman.

Our goal

At Jade Seed Wellness our goal is help you focus on your healing.
The clinic is a warm, beautiful space specifically curated so you feel safe, welcomed and aligned.
We offer a wide range of services all throughout the week, from 1:1 care, to community healing and group events.

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