Tai chi Qi Gong

We are all reflections of one another. Cultivating Qi is the best way to connect to ourselves, each other, to Source and to the invisible intelligence within.

with Brenda Bell

Easy TaiChi/QiGong for Busy People
Tuesdays and Thursdays
The Dream Room
@Jade Seed Wellness

Two class pass options:
$60 for 6 classes 
$120 for 12 classes (Set it and Forget it! - you'll be able to book out 12 classes)

Come and learn with our own local celebrity Brenda Bell.
This easy exercises are for all. We will be cultivating our inner life force while simultaneously strengthening and relaxing our whole being: Mind+Body+Spirit.

  • When you purchase, you will enroll yourself in the classes you want to attend - you can change and reschedule up to 48 hours ahead of time if you can't make it. 
  • Space is limited, so be sure to book your classes out.
  • Please fill out your Liability form before your first session - thanks!

Brenda's Bio:
Brenda “Tiger lady” Bell, a former world ranked
professional boxer, is now teaching Easy Tai Chi
throughout Hays County and Comal County.
Taking positive action after professional boxing,
Brenda has transformed her life through TBI
(traumatic brain injury) she uses her personal
knowledge and wisdom. At 59 years old,
Brenda is now 8 th degree black belt under BKF
(Black Karate Federation) and a master
instructor and practitioner in Easy Tai Chi under
Dr. Keith Jeffery. She appreciates the martial
training she has had over 30 years and
professional boxing for 12 years, retired in
2009. If anything, she is a student and a servant
while happily sharing what she learned from
these fields, she now has peace of mind and
confidence, today. This type of training she
received took patience and as you know
“patience” is the keyword. Brenda’s life was not
easy, each day she continues to strive, to better
herself. We have freedom of choice; Brenda’s
goal is to reach the level of achievement with

6 Classes @ $10/ea

12 Classes @ $10/ea

Easy Tai Chi

Easy Tai Chi's number one aim is to help promote good health and wellness benefits with multiple avenues for a balance self. We help all students with all types of abilities, including students with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and all survivors, to develop mentally by learning willpower. By providing a safe and positive environment, students can thrive through physical training and challenges to find new energy and peace through Easy Tai Chi for Busy people and 4 Minute Fitness.

Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness offers many of the same mental benefits as t'ai chi, yoga, qigong, breathing and more. These low - impact exercises takes you through a series of motions or martial arts moves that combine qi gong or breathing exercises, while focused attention improves cognitive skills.

Introducing easy Tai Chi QiGong &
The 4 minute workout!

What Is TaiChi & QiGong?

TaiChi is a moving form of QiGong.
Just as meditation is a tranquil (still) form of Qigong.

QiGong is cultivation of Qi.
Of you. Of all that you truly are - beyond the physical body.

What is Qi?

Qi cannot be fully translated - but rughly we can say: lifeforce.
We are made of Qi. I am Qi. Qi is me.
Qi is the same force that moves the ocean tides and coaxes an oak tree to grow.

Please watch the beautiful video below to learn more.

In the video below, Lee Holden (yeah, a white man, but hey - they're not all bad! haa) offers a fabulous explanation as well.
Sersly, a must watch as he speaks about our connection to nature and to the breath and offers a small practice to experience Qi and learn about how QiGong relates to the Acupuncture Channels and points.

"One of the most effective, powerful, and dynamic body-mind techniques ever developed!" Any body, any age... standing or sitting. A delightful combination of tai chi, qigong, deep breathing and mind exercises ."
What can 4 minutes a day do for you?

- gently move almost every muscle and joint
- reduce pain
- improve sleep
- strengthen your back
- reduce back pain
- become more present and focused
- improve immune function
- incorporate powerful tai chi breathing techniques to help you breathe more deeply and fully all the time
- reduce stress levels almost instantly
- worry less and live in gratitude
- improve flexibility, strength, circulation and balance
- change your thought patterns from negative to positive
- change the neurochemicals in your brain to help heal your body
- decrease dangerous stress hormones and increase hormones that help you feel happy, grateful and content
- help you find balance in all aspects of your life

What is a 4 min workout?

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