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So, why add Infrared to your
Acupuncture sessions?

Well, sweat carries cortisol (the stress hormone) and when stress builds up in the body, we need to get it out either via the tears, by crying, or via the pores, by sweating.
When we have a build-up of cortisol, not only do we feel terrible, yell at our loved ones, and find it impossible to lose weight, but we also have a greater likelihood of Adrenal Insufficiency and/or Exhaustion. 

The way out of Adrenal Exhaustion is being in parasympathetic dominance. 

* Infrared sauna therapy creates an atmosphere where the body can find relaxation, therefore allowing the adrenal glands to take the bench and no longer produce necessary hormones involved in stress response.

* In addition, infrared sauna therapy is a powerful detoxification protocol and allows individuals to free the body from internal stress by ridding it of harmful pollutants.

* Further, the mitochondrial response to infrared wavelengths heightens energy conversion in the body and redirects the blood flow to the digestive tract, cellular regeneration and improved circulation.

As you know I am a geek and researched the heck out of what model I wanted for us. I found a sauna that is handmade in North America. I actually spoke to the builder on the phone. He builds from sustainably harvested wood and finishes them with beeswax - no harmful chemical volatilizing during your session. His is also ranked as the lowest EMF (electromagnetic frequency) producing sauna. Basically the best and at a similar price point as others with far less quality and features.

Again, once our goal of $5200 is reached to purchase the clinic's new sauna - this sale will be over forever!

And that's it! I hope you love this idea as much as I do and find it valuable and fun.

I am so glad to be here to serve you.

Please share this effort with anyone you think might benefit (and want free sauna sessions!)

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Want to read more about why Infrared is so amazing for you?

“Unfortunately, many individuals remain in sympathetic dominance in response not only to real life-threatening situations but also to daily stresses. Arguments with a spouse, traffic, a heavy professional workload, or high levels of toxins within the body can keep an individual in stress response. Over time stress response depletes the body and illness occurs. Sympathetic dominance is catabolic and erodes the health and longevity of the body.

Adrenal fatigue occurs when individuals remain in stress response for long periods of time.
Sympathetic dominance calls on the adrenal glands to produce cortisol and adrenal to heighten response in the body to external threat. This is great if a person’s life is in danger but when adrenaline is used just to negotiate traffic every morning or respond to stressful emails and deadlines long-lasting disease can settle into the body. 

Over time, continued excretion and production of cortisol and adrenaline from the adrenal glands will leave these precious parts of the body, overtaxed, overworked, and depleted. Adrenal exhaustion settles in and impairs the daily function of individuals suffering from this chronic condition.

The only credible way to restore normal adrenal gland function is through more frequent and longer-lasting states of parasympathetic dominance. If the body and mind have been trained in stress response it can be difficult to create a different state of being in the body. This is why infrared sauna therapy is such an effective treatment for adrenal exhaustion.

The infrared spectrum of light vibrates at a frequency that allows it to easily penetrate beyond the initial epidermis into the soft tissue of the body. This gentle heat coaxes the body out of stress response as blood flow is redirected toward digestion and cellular regeneration. The heat of an infrared sauna is not overly intense, as is the case with traditional sauna and therefore feels as if you are walking into a light bath.

The biochemical response to infrared light frequency transcends stress response and redirects every cell in the body back to states of relaxation. Mitochondrial activity is stoked by exposure to infrared light and therefore ATP production is increased, causing hyper-oxygenated blood to flow freely throughout the body to repair injury. Basking in the warm light of an infrared sauna for only 15 minutes creates a cascade of transformation at the cellular and molecular level of the body and gently converts the body out of sympathetic dominance back into states of relaxation (8).

As the body finds relaxation, adrenal gland activity is reduced. Rather than produce adrenaline and cortisol, the adrenal glands begin to repair and rejuvenate as freshly oxygenated blood flows into them.

Infrared sauna therapy improves circulation and therefore reduces inflammation in the body, as energy is redirected inward toward healing and nourishment. States of relaxation do not rely on adrenaline or cortisol production and adrenal glands can find rest.

Further, the effects of infrared sauna therapy affect the biochemistry of the body for hours after use. This means that individuals using infrared sauna therapy will be less likely to return to the pattern of stress response and sleep deeper allowing them to wake up feeling rejuvenated.
Individuals suffering from adrenal exhaustion will be unable to partake in moderate to vigorous exercise; the infrared sauna produces very similar effects in the body to moderate exercise. Infrared sauna therapy provides an opportunity for individuals to reap the benefits of exercise without the energy output and thereby restores the body back to healthy states of homeostasis (9).

Individuals suffering from adrenal fatigue report feeling more energized after a single session, this is because the body was able to relax and also find relief from toxins.
While it may be difficult to regulate external life stresses, it is possible to relieve the body from internal stress due to a toxic overload. Not only does infrared sauna therapy relax the body, it is the most easily accessible and powerful tool in any detoxification regime.

As the body is relieved of toxic pollutants internally, over all stress response will be diminished and therefore the adrenal glands will find more opportunity for reprieve."

"As with many vital organs, the adrenal glands are also prone to the negative effects of long-term stress. When we’re living in emergency mode for extended periods of time and diminish our vital energy field, all of or energy is directed outward to protect us from external threats, leaving little energy to protect us from internal threats. Eventually, this leads to dysfunction of the immune system. It makes sense, then, that by mobilizing the parasympathetic nervous system for growth and repair, the adrenal glands should become healthy and regulated because we are putting energy into that gland.”
– Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of ‘Becoming Supernatural’ (7)

* If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue or any other health condition, be thorough in your research and consult your physician before beginning any treatment plan.
‘Becoming Supernatural”, Dr. Joe Dispenza, 10/19/2017

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