"Thirty spokes of a wheel all join at the common hub, yet only the hole at the center allows the wheel to spin."
-Tao Te Ching, Verse 11

Acupuncture Points are 'holes' or portals, vortexes.
Your thoughts, your emotions, your health, your reality are all spokes on the wheel.
To access these portals is to access your Divinity.
Feeling and moving Qi is your birthright.
We can no longer afford to stay asleep.
You are here to Awaken and Activate.

The Regenerator is an acupuncture tool
based on the Teishin,
one of the first, and still-in-use,
Acupuncture ‘needles’.

There are two lineages of Acupuncture:
Insertion and Non-Insertion Needling.
The latter is gaining in popularity world-wide for its superior results and gentle, pain-free effects.

Dr. Lacey Dupré has also added a gemstone
to each of her Regenerators
uniting two living technologies
held in high reverence in ancient wisdom traditions:
Stone Medicine and Earth Mineral Medicine.

Your Regenerator is a marriage of precious earth metal and gemstone. 
The Regenerator bridges Heaven and Earth and acts as a Magnifier and Antenna for Qi.

1-Choose your Metal:

Precious Metals


Silver is a Yin metal, & can used for Sedating and Tonifying.
This is the most popular one.


Bronze is a Yang metal, used for Tonifying.
This is a lovely, durable, age-old stand-in for Gold.
Bronze is known for it's beauty, durability, and usage throughout history. My bronze is 90% copper and 10% tin.
Copper is very conductive and has anti-Viral properties.


Gold is a Yang metal, used for Tonifying. I make gold Teishins as per request.
Contact me for the latest gold prices.

2-Choose your gemstone:



The Stone of Health, used for accessing creativity; represents primordial fire + the creation of the world out of chaos.


The Stone of Transmutation; aids the healer in trusting one’s own intuition.


The Stone of Wisdom; long associated with insight, learning, enlightenment and wise judgment.





Handmade leather carry-case included!


Choose from Silver or Bronze;
Gold upon request

Choose from a curated selection of gemstones

These heirloom, gemstone-set Regenerator, teishins hand-made by Dr. Lacey Dupré are the first and only stone-set teishin. Dr. Dupre meticulously hand crafted these according to ancient design particulars.
These tools are made for your Self-Acupuncture ritual.




*Occasionally I offer other gemstones such as Amethyst and Tourmaline.
Jump into my rare and lovely Moon Missives Newsletter to be in the know when these stones are available!


Quartz Meditation

Every Stone has a Story. Stone Medicine is an ancient medicine. If you already work with gemstones, you know the stories they tell. Here is the Story of Quartz and a Simple, Daily Ritual to sit with Quartz and grok her might and beauty. Stone Medicine according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is rich and potent. 

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A Simple Ritual


It is also known for its utilization of creative energy and has been used as a sacred stone by the Native Americans, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders and the mayans to enhance ones creative fire.
Yet garnet is a sensual stone.
It represents the primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love.
It is a stone of string, intense feelings. Gannet has been used to reduce boxy toxins, purify vital organs and blood, alleviate acne, low libido, disturbances in the cardia rhythm and assists in assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Emotionally it provides a protective and calming influxes during use and is thought to heal depression, alleviate nightmares, treat blood-related illnesses and promote rapid regeneration and healing.



This stone aids the healer in trueing ones own insight. It is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illuminated mind and aids in sharing spiritual information and knowledge from a heart-centered perspective, making it excellent for healers in positions of intellectual interpreting emotional experiences. Tanzante is said to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the blood and improve vitality. It promotes the regeneration of cells, skins and hair. Tanzanite is also said to be useful in treating psychological disorders, stress, and nervous tension, and is excellent for the problem of excessive sweating and may relieve migraine headaches.

the stone of transmutation


Long-associated with insight, earning, enlightenment, and Wise judgment. A Talisman of protection, especially from poison, plague, fever, and skin disease, it has great power in resisting evil influences. For the healer it channels and amplifies ones healing powers. Sapphire transforms negative energies and lends strength and focus with the ability to see beneath the surface to the underlying truth.

The stone of wisdom